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Drill a well in Africa Dedication video

Drill a Water Well in Africa


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Beware of counterfeit Kente Stoles on other websites. Ensure you're wearing authentic Kente Cloth by purchasing directly from us on this website.

Authentic Kente Cloth is a handwoven work of art made in Ghana, West Africa. Kente Cloth was traditionally only worn by Kings and Queens in Ghana and is created by master craftsmen. Kente Cloth provides income to generations of master craftsmen and supports black businesses. 

Since gaining popularity, our authentic kente stoles have been increasingly counterfeited. These imitation stoles, machine-made in China, are not handwoven in Africa and misrepresent true kente cloth. Moreover, they appropriate the work of African artists and mislead African American graduates into believing they are wearing authentic kente cloth. Don't compromise on your special day. Ensure you're getting authentic Kente Cloth, made in the tradition of African kings and queens and honoring the heritage of African artists, by buying directly from us.

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    authentic kente

     Authentic Kente Cloth 👆🏾

    Handwoven in Ghana. Features vibrant colors and meticulous hand-embroidery.


        fake kente cloth

        Fake Kente Cloth 👆🏾

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        Pictures from our very first Well Dedication Ceremony in 2019 in partnership with Water Wells for Africa

        Drill a Water Well in Africa
        Drill a Water Well in Africa
        Drill a Water Well in Africa

        Help Sankofa Edition to drill a well in Africa!

        Many villages across Africa do not have access to readily available water and the inhabitants often have to walk many miles a day to collect water in repurposed containers. fetching water in africaEven then the water may not be clean, and may cause sickness or even death as a result. In response, Sankofa Edition has set a goal to pay for the drilling of at least one well each year for villages in Africa. It costs $8,000 to drill a well and any donation you give goes directly towards this annual goal. 

        Well Drilling F.A.Q.

        Water is an absolute necessity to life and Sankofa Edition is committed to helping bring clean water to as many needy villages as possible. In countless villages in Africa, there is little or no access to clean drinking water. Often getting to the nearest water source requires the villagers to walk several miles, followed by a return trip. Most villagers carry heavy bucket or plastic drums filled with water on their heads. fetching water in africaEven then, that water may not be clean – it may come from lakes, ponds or rivers that are shared with animals or from hand dug wells that might be located near village latrines. Such water is often contaminated and can cause sickness.

        Where will Sankofa Edition drill wells?

        Sankofa Edition will begin drilling wells in Malawi. There are hundreds of small villages in the country, with populations that vary from less than a hundred to over 2000 people. Some of these villages have access to river or well water, but many do not and it is these villages that are chosen for well-drilling. 

        What is the process before Sankofa Edition can start drilling?

        Once Sankofa Edition has decided on a particular village, our representatives will meet with the local chief to get gather information about the population and to determine the best location within the village to place the well. This will help ensure that the leaders of the village are closely involved in the project and are invested in its success. It also gives us a chance to gather input from the villagers and fully understand their needs before we begin drilling.

        What’s involved in drilling and then completing a well?

        Once we have the go-ahead to drill the well, we will work with a local well drilling company to commence the project. The drilling team drives a large 4x4 drilling rig over very rough bush roads to the selected village, sets up the rig, and begins drilling. When the rig reaches a steady supply of good quality water, PVC piping is installed to the full depth of the well. The PVC serves as the outer casing of the well and the first stage is complete. A concrete pedestal is then constructed over the wellhead to mount the hand-operated water pump, along with a circular concrete drainage area around the pump. Finally, the hand pump and its components are fitted and tested.

        What happens once the well is installed?

        Wherever possible, there is a well dedication ceremony. Once the well’s hand pump has been tested and is fully operational, the well is handed over as a gift to the village, and its leaders take responsibility for ongoing servicing and maintenance of the well and the hand pump. 


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        Handwoven in Ghana

        Embrace a Tradition of Royalty™ 

        Each kente stole is handwoven in Ghana in the 400+ year old tradition of authentic Kente Cloth that are made for Kings and Queens in Ghana. These vibrant stoles will make your photos pop and you will stand out from the crowd at graduation.

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