Premium Quality Adinkra Symbols Socks for Dress or Casual Novelty | 3 Pack Bundle No. 5
Premium Quality Adinkra Symbols Socks for Dress or Casual Novelty | 3 Pack Bundle No. 5
Premium Quality Adinkra Symbols Socks for Dress or Casual Novelty | 3 Pack Bundle No. 5

Premium Quality Adinkra Symbols Socks for Dress or Casual Novelty | 3 Pack Bundle No. 5


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Beware of counterfeit Kente Stoles on other websites. Ensure you're wearing authentic Kente Cloth by purchasing directly from us on this website.

Authentic Kente Cloth is a handwoven work of art made in Ghana, West Africa. Kente Cloth was traditionally only worn by Kings and Queens in Ghana and is created by master craftsmen. Kente Cloth provides income to generations of master craftsmen and supports black businesses. 

Since gaining popularity, our authentic kente stoles have been increasingly counterfeited. These imitation stoles, machine-made in China, are not handwoven in Africa and misrepresent true kente cloth. Moreover, they appropriate the work of African artists and mislead African American graduates into believing they are wearing authentic kente cloth. Don't compromise on your special day. Ensure you're getting authentic Kente Cloth, made in the tradition of African kings and queens and honoring the heritage of African artists, by buying directly from us.

Check The Back

    authentic kente

     Authentic Kente Cloth 👆🏾

    Handwoven in Ghana. Features vibrant colors and meticulous hand-embroidery.


        fake kente cloth

        Fake Kente Cloth 👆🏾

        Cheaply made in China. Appropriates the work of African artists. Dull colors and poor quality control.

        Wear these Adinkra Symbols socks and you will be sharing your love of African culture with everyone. Learn what the symbols mean and start a conversation!

        • PERFECTLY SIZED: Fits Men's shoe sizes 8 to 12 and Women's 8 to 13.
        • LOOKS AND FEELS GOOD: These perfectly sized socks are made from soft combed cotton and have seamless stitching at the toes that wrap comfortably around your feet. You will never want to take these off. You can wash them and the colors won't fade.
        • EMBRACE AFRICA: Adinkra symbols were created in Ghana and share proverbs to be passed down from generation to generation. You can now embrace this tradition and display it with pride.
        • GREAT FOR GIFTING: Get one for a friend (they will be very happy) and one for yourself (you will be happy too).

        These Sankofa Edition™ socks feature real Adinkra symbols. Add a unique punch to any outfit from dressy suits to casual jeans. Socks are made from combed cotton and feature seamless toes for maximum comfort.


        Adinkra Symbol Meanings
        Gye Nyame - "except for God" symbolizes the omnipotence and omnipresence of God.
        Gwennimmen - the "Ram's horn" symbolizes humility and strength. A ram is gentle enough to be sacrificed but also strong enough to fight when it needs to.
        Duafe - "wooden comb" symbolizes the importance of taking care of self to be the best that person can be.
        Sankofa - means "it is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten." The term is a combination of the words: san (return), ko (go), fa (seek and take). "Sankofa" teaches us to go back to our roots to move forward.
        Sankofa Heart - This symbol is a variation of the Sankofa bird symbol and carries the same theme of cherishing our roots.


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        Handwoven in Ghana

        Embrace a Tradition of Royalty™ 

        Each kente stole is handwoven in Ghana in the 400+ year old tradition of authentic Kente Cloth that are made for Kings and Queens in Ghana. These vibrant stoles will make your photos pop and you will stand out from the crowd at graduation.

        Compare Ours To Theirs: Don't Take Chances Buying Elsewhere For Your Special Day

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