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How to Pick The Perfect Graduation Outfit

Guest Post By: Faith Lyons

Ahhh...graduation day, one of the most important days of your life, while wearing one of the most important outfits that you will ever put on; your cap and gown! Just imagine the feeling of accomplishment that only a regal, academic, polyester gown can provide...but wait there’s more, you’ve got to put clothes on underneath the gown my star pupil!


If you’re anything like me, you put a great deal of consideration into what you wear. And if you don’t put a substantial amount of thought into what you put on, graduation day is the best day to start! Graduation day is already a day filled with great firsts and sensations of achievement and major excitement, so it’s only right to wear something that says the same thing! “Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress”, Coco Chanel was definitely a woman who knew what she was talking about! Confidence is key with any outfit that you choose to put on, and on graduation day, I don’t think having confidence will be an issue!


Going “Traditional”

The age-old tradition of wearing white on graduation day is one that will never go out of style to me! Wearing white symbolizes completion and purity, a salute to walking into adulthood and a welcome into womanhood on graduation day! A white or off-white ensemble of some sort is perfect for a spring/summer graduation!

graduation dress

graduation dress

If you want to stay along the lines of a what may be considered “traditional graduation attire” but you’re graduating during the fall/winter season, you can still achieve this look but with an all black theme. According to, wearing the color black implies self-control and discipline, independence and a strong will, and giving an impression of authority and power. These values are the making of an exemplary student who has made it to their final milestone; graduation day!

 black graduation dress

black graduation dress

Being “Extra”

I consider myself to be a fashionista, okay? So when it comes to putting together outfits for school or a school function, I am all about school spirit and being EXTREMELY extra with my a tasteful, fashionable manner of course! So if you want to go all out in a non-traditional manner, the next few outfit ideas are for you! I will definitely be implementing these elements into my graduation photo shoot!

FAMU Graduation Photoshoot Outfit “The Fab Florida A&M Grad”
Florida State Graduation Photoshoot Outfit
“The Regal Florida State Grad”



Things Remembered

  1. One thing that is very important to remember when picking out the perfect graduation outfit; don’t pick out a dress or article of clothing that will be longer than the gown! I’m tall as heck, so this is never an issue for me, I’m lucky if I can find anything long enough to reach my ankles, including the gown!
  2. If you can’t or do not wear heels for any particular reason, the stores that are listed next to the shoes pictured above also had great flat and short-heel alternatives!
  3. If you do love to wear heels like myself, remember to practice walking in the shoes that you do buy; you don’t want any surprises at graduation rehearsal or on the stage, otherwise it will turn into your “big day” for a whole other reason!
  4. Just be yourself and pick out an outfit that fits you! Confidence is key on your graduation day and your outfit should be the icing on the cake! If you like the more traditional styles but want to add a wow factor to your outfit, you can easily choose a more subtle, traditional dress/outfit and pair it with some killer shoes and jewelry like the ones shown in the being “extra” section; you can make your shoes and jewelry statement pieces to rev up your traditional outfit! I think that a combination of the two is very fitting for graduation day and is more than likely the approach I will take.


All in all, be you and do not tone yourself down for anyone, it’s your big day and what better way to truly celebrate it and show your excitement than through your apparel under the gown?! Much love and congratulations to the recent and up and coming graduates!


FaithFaith Lyons is a graduating Business Administration student from Florida A&M University and Columbia Southern University who currently lives in North Florida. She is a first time mom and total fan girl that loves all things fashion, fun, and seafood! Her long term goals include starting her own fashion label and traveling the world with her daughter!

Follow Her: @FaithFangirl 

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