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Mr. Famous Xorsnu

Kente Cloth weaving supports his family and is his main source of income.

Our Story

In May of 2005, I graduated from Pennsylvania State University on a warm spring day. Prior to my graduation, my school’s Black Caucus held a “Sankofa” Donning of the Kente Stole ceremony, where all of us graduates received a handwoven Kente Stole with "Class of 2005" written on both sides. I wore this stole on my graduation day on that rare warm State College day.

I waited anxiously and excitedly for my name to be called. As my name was called, I marched up the stage to receive my diploma. The Dean handing out the diplomas quickly shook hands with everyone in front of me and kept them marching on without missing a beat. When I got to him, he stopped everything he was doing. He looked at my Kente Stole in awe, touched it, and commented on how beautiful it was – right in front of the entire stadium. I couldn’t help but feel special and stand a little taller wearing that stole. Knowing that the stole was handmade in Ghana, the motherland, only added to the pride I felt. On that day, the seed for Sankofa Edition™ was planted.

Sankofa Edition™ seeks to honor every graduate who has earned the right to wear a Kente Stole on their graduation day. My goal is to make sure that you feel as special on your graduation day as I felt on mine. Thank you for making Sankofa Edition™ your choice for Kente Graduation Stoles.

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Co-founder and Owner, Sankofa Edition™, Maryland, USA 

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Pictures show William at his college graduation wearing a kente stole and William, with his father, learning how to weave kente on a traditional loom.

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