Made in Ghana

Authentic African Art

Each kente stole is a handwoven work of art created by a Master Weaver.

What is authentic Kente Cloth?

Authentic Kente Cloth is a handwoven work of art made in Ghana, West Africa. Kente Cloth was traditionally only worn by Kings and Queens in Ghana and is created by master craftsmen. Kente Cloth provides income to generations of master craftsmen and supports black businesses. This video shows you the skill and craftsmanship that goes into each Kente Cloth graduation stole we make and why each piece is a work of art. 

Is That Kente Stole Real? Spot Fake Kente By Checking The Back.

Authentic Kente Cloth👆🏾

Handwoven in Ghana. Vibrant colors with hand-embroidery.

Fake Kente Cloth👆🏾

Cheaply made in China. Dull colors and poor quality control.

Compare Ours To Theirs: Don't Take Chances Buying Elsewhere For Your Special Day

Be Authentic!

We recommend purchasing your Kente Cloth stoles from Sankofa Edition to guarantee you are wearing authentic Kente Cloth. If you are not able to buy directly from us we hope this article helps you in identifying real Kente Cloth. Your graduation day is special and it took a lot of work to make it happen - your Kente Cloth graduation stole should be authentic to honor your achievement and will be a keepsake of that special day for years to come.

"When I received my kente stole in the mail, I cried. I'm really graduating from college and the stole really made it real. My grandparents would be really proud of me. I am so proud to be walking with my kente stole. Thank you." - Barbette Thames

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