Our Giving Projects

Water Wells for Africa

We built a water well in Africa, which provides drinking water for hundreds of people.

Giving Back

Sankofa Edition™ understands that you, our customers, are savvy and conscious about where you spend your money and that knowing that a business gives back to causes you care about is essential to you. We created this page to give you an awareness of some of the giving-back projects that are dear to our hearts. While this is not an all-inclusive list of our charitable contributions, we hope the projects listed here will give you an idea of the causes we support and will help inform your decision on where to purchase your kente cloth stoles!

Compassion International

Sankofa Edition™ donates a minimum of $400 of its proceeds each year to the sponsorship of children in Africa, through Compassion International. Compassion’s mission is to release children from poverty by encouraging the healthy development of all aspects of a child.

Compassion international

Water wells for africa

Sankofa Edition™ donated $7,100 and raised $900 for a combined total of $8,000 to build a water well for a village in Malawi, Africa. This water well now provides clean water to hundreds. Below are pictures of the dedication ceremony. We hope to build additional wells in the future.

Water wells for africa


Kiva loans

Sankofa Edition™ lends money to small businesses in Ghana that need funds to get established. These businesses operate in a variety of markets, such as the food industry and health and beauty products. We work through Kiva to make these loans available and have lent out over $2000 so far. When payments are made, the money is lent back out to other businesses that need funds. Our goal is to help other small businesses like ourselves thrive and get off the ground by continuously lending to new and upcoming companies.


Youth For Christ

Sankofa Edition™ donates $1200 a year to Youth for Christ (YFC). YFC works with middle and high schoolers to provide guidance and mentorship through building connections and sharing.

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