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  • Do you bring a gift to a graduation party?

    The short answer is that it depends. While it’s not required to bring a gift to a graduation party, etiquette recommends that all attendees bring a...
  • Will graduation ceremonies take place in 2021?

    These ceremonies depend on progress toward treating the virus and toward being able to safely hold large gatherings.
  • When Should I Apply for Graduation?

    Here is an approximation of each deadline for each semester: Fall graduation deadlines are around early to mid-October, winter deadlines are around late October, spring deadlines are around mid to late March, and summer deadlines are around early July.
  • Will FAFSA Cover Graduate School?

    Unlike undergraduate students, graduate students are not eligible for subsidized loans. Any loans taken out as a grad student are unsubsidized, meaning they start accumulating interest immediately.
  • What is the Deadline to Apply to Graduate School?

    Deadlines for graduate school applications usually start in December and run through the spring. It is rare for a school to have an application deadline earlier than December for graduate programs unless it is a rolling admission.
  • Which hbcu has the largest enrollment?

    North Carolina A&T State University (NCAT) has the largest HBCU enrollment with over 12,753 students in its student population.
  • Which HBCU Has the Best Business Program?

    Howard University continually ranks high for its business program. The program offers strong business-related courses, a solid graduation rate, and an active alumni network. 
  • Which HBCU Should I Go To?

    Some important factors include tuition, size of the school, the setting and location, and the acceptance rate. 
  • Which HBCU Has the Best Dorms?

    The Historically Black College and University (HBCU) with the best dorms is Fort Valley State University located in Fort Valley, Georgia.
  • Which HBCU Has the Best Nursing Program?

    Graduates of the nursing program earn some of the highest salaries in the state of North Carolina. Yet, compared to other HBCU nursing programs..
  • Which HBCU Has the Best Law Program?

    It is the only historically black law school to be ranked in the third tier.  U.S. News and World Report has the law school listed as #91 in the country in their annual law school rankings. 
  • What Do You Wear for Graduation Photos?

    While you likely won’t forget about these two important parts of your grad wardrobe..