Running with Purpose: Defying Odds and Breaking Family Curses

Throughout my entire college experience, my goal was to break the generational curse in my family. Going through each semester while running and working felt like managing three jobs simultaneously. I wanted to demonstrate to my family that it was possible. It was the hardest thing I've ever experienced, but my favorite aunt motivated me with her words until my junior year. Unfortunately, during my junior year, I lost her to a murder-suicide incident. I felt completely lost and angry because she was the rock of my family, keeping us all together and positive.

Mikala Curenton

While my family expected me to come home from college, I chose to stay and graduate. I had another reason to graduate – I ran every race with the necklace she gave me and broke school records. By doing so, I broke the curse in my family, and now I am witnessing younger members follow in my footsteps. I am immensely proud because I persevered and achieved my goal!

Mikala Curenton

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