Kente Colors Matching Overcomer Honor Cord - Sankofa Edition™
Kente Colors Matching Overcomer Honor Cord - Sankofa Edition™
Kente Colors Matching Overcomer Honor Cord - Sankofa Edition™
Kente Colors Matching Overcomer Honor Cord
Kente Colors Matching Overcomer Honor Cord - Sankofa Edition™
Kente Colors Matching Overcomer Honor Cord - Sankofa Edition™
Kente Colors Matching Overcomer Honor Cord - Sankofa Edition™

Kente Colors Matching Overcomer Honor Cord


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Beware of counterfeit Kente Stoles on other websites. Ensure you're wearing authentic Kente Cloth by purchasing directly from us on this website.

Authentic Kente Cloth is a handwoven work of art made in Ghana, West Africa. Kente Cloth was traditionally only worn by Kings and Queens in Ghana and is created by master craftsmen. Kente Cloth provides income to generations of master craftsmen and supports black businesses. 

Since gaining popularity, our authentic kente stoles have been increasingly counterfeited. These imitation stoles, machine-made in China, are not handwoven in Africa and misrepresent true kente cloth. Moreover, they appropriate the work of African artists and mislead African American graduates into believing they are wearing authentic kente cloth. Don't compromise on your special day. Ensure you're getting authentic Kente Cloth, made in the tradition of African kings and queens and honoring the heritage of African artists, by buying directly from us.

Check The Back

    authentic kente

     Authentic Kente Cloth 👆🏾

    Handwoven in Ghana. Features vibrant colors and meticulous hand-embroidery.


        fake kente cloth

        Fake Kente Cloth 👆🏾

        Cheaply made in China. Appropriates the work of African artists. Dull colors and poor quality control.

        You fought for this and you should be honored for it. It took a lot of hard work and determination to get to where you are now and this beautiful kente colors graduation cord celebrates your achievement and helps you tell your story. Complete your look and match your kente stole with extra honors for overcoming adversity.

        • Cultural - This cord features kente colors which hold great cultural significance. Each honor cord includes a card with information explaining the meaning of the colors
        • Individually Packaged - Each honor cord is individually packaged to prevent tangling, making them easy to distribute to students
        • A Classic Piece - No graduation photos will be complete without a beautiful honor cord representing a graduate's achievement as an overcomer
        • Perfect Size - Measures 68 inches long and is the perfect piece for any graduate. This length is the standard length for all schools (colleges & universities, high schools, middle schools etc)
        • Vibrant - We use the finest rayon threads to make sure your cord pops in your pictures

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 30 reviews
        Lori Painter

        Exactly as pictured

        We're very happy to hear that you're satisfied with your order. Thank you for choosing our products!

        District Card 665
        Love them!

        We purchased these cords to distribute to our NAACP students and they absolutely loved them! They are high quality and the President really loved the card detailing the meaning behind each color. Will definitely be purchasing again!

        Thank you for leaving such a positive review! We take pride in providing high quality products and we are happy that the president appreciated the meaning behind each color. We look forward to serving you again in the future.

        Paula Frye

        Very happy with the product!

        We're so glad to hear that you are happy with our Kente Colors Matching Overcomer Honor Cord. Congratulations on your graduation!

        Sierra McClellon-Hulsey

        We use these for our institutions Black Graduate Recognition Ceremony and our students love me. My department can’t afford the Kente scrolls and these are great replacements. Students love receiving them.

        Thank you for your review! We appreciate your support and hope to continue providing quality products for your students. Congratulations to all the graduates!

        Prof Williams
        DFPA at Bowie State University loves the Kente Honors Cords!

        These were a hit at BSU and our students loved them so much. Thank you! YouTube video placeholder

        That is wonderful to hear! Thank you very much for sharing! Congratulations to all the graduates and thank you for trusting us with your purchase!

        Audrey Farmer
        Kente Colors Matching Colors Overcomer Honors Cord

        I love the colors and the quality of the cords! I bought for my son who is finishing Morehouse College this May. I love what the Kente cords represent: Overcoming! Beautiful product and branding- thanks Sankofa Edition!

        Thank you for choosing our cord, Audrey! Congratulations to your son!

        Handwoven in Ghana

        Embrace a Tradition of Royalty™ 

        Each kente stole is handwoven in Ghana in the 400+ year old tradition of authentic Kente Cloth that are made for Kings and Queens in Ghana. These vibrant stoles will make your photos pop and you will stand out from the crowd at graduation.

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